Brand Identity Have you ever observed fruits? If not, then you must look at them now. Just think about it. What would have happened if mango’s name would be apple and apple’s name would be orange. Do not seem correct? Right? That is the reason why identity is so important.

You can take the example of anything in the world & you’ll see that identity matters a lot. Without having any identity, everything seems to be meaningless. Think of the moment when a baby is born or the moment where individuals enter into a new relationship. Everyone and everything has a unique name and unique identity. Then what is brand identity?

Without wasting much time, we shall proceed to look at what brand identity is all about? And why is it so important?

What is Brand Identity

Let us not go on the technical part and understand brand identity as a layman. Brand identity is the impression of a brand created in the minds of customers. Various elements like logo, design, and tagline, helps in forming the image of a brand. It reflects features, story, aesthetics, promises, quality, and whatnot. That is why it is also an important aspect.

Today, when we hear the line “Taste the Thunder,” we can very well relate it to thumbs up and can associate a tick mark with the Nike brand. It has become possible because these brands have built their brand identity. They have set a particular image about themselves that tells people about them, their brand, their product, etc. And here we get another reason that brand identity is eminent.

Is it a significant aspect for a company? 

What do you think, creating a brand identity is significant? Or is it just a name?

Yes, you are thinking right undeniably, your brand identity is substantial. It is the face of the brand and makes you instantaneously noticeable to the people.

Above and beyond, it creates a sense of trust and reliability that adds an advantage while building a customer base. Moreover, it not only assists you to retain old customers but also helps to attract new ones. And we are sure that nobody wants to lose this kind of opportunity. So, keeping in mind that time is money, why not find how to build a brand identity?

Building your Brand Identity

Creating a brand identity package includes a few of the following elements:

The Name

Shakespeare once said what’s in name, but the reality is everything starts with the name. Thus, the brand name is the utmost important thing to decide. We hope you choose it carefully. Otherwise, you’ll face penalties later on.

The vision and mission

It is the next most important thing to decide. Your corporate identity depends upon the vision and mission of your company.

The logo

 There’s a famous line that the soundest logos tell simple stories. Subsequently, it’s time to pay focus on the logo. Also, do consider the color, size, shape, and design as all the factors count.


If you have a website, then focus on the color combinations used in your logo. Design your website with accurate alignment, typography, fonts, logo, and keeping in mind all the other aspects.

The role of emotion

Emotion plays a vital role as it helps you to connect with people. Nowadays, you may see brands using emotions as a part of their advertising campaign. There’s a reason for this. It is done to connect with the audience and is very important also. Until the audience wouldn’t connect, they’ll not get attached to the brand.

The Don’ts

Before deciding what to do, how to build a brand identity, remember some of the don’ts, and you’ll thank us later.

Think and act

Think twice before you act. The wrong decision might have a bad influence on the future of your brand. Hence, think and take decisions wisely. 

Be unique, and don’t copy

Don’t copy your competitors because it will ruin your reputation some or the other day.

Be constant 

If you want to build trust, then follow consistency, and you’ll surely win sooner or later.

The decision

Creating a personal or corporate brand identity is not an easy task. It requires a lot of time and consistency. But, if you do it well, then you may reap its benefits over a long period.

Also, always focus on creating a brand identity that emotionally connects your brand with people and is different from your competitors.

If you wish to stand out from the crowd, then you must consider brand identity seriously. It will not only create a positive image of your brand but will also help to raise your profits in the future.

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