How To Get The Best Google Core Web Vitals Ratings


Core Web Vitals Ratings Being on top of the search results is something that perfectly every website or blog owner always wishes for. However, since everyone wishes for the top, the fight for the apex is tough. There are a few things that you would have to keep in mind which would help you stay ahead and beat your competitors with ease. So, in this article, we would be talking about the various pointers that you would have to keep in mind when you work on your website or your blog as a whole. Let’s delve into the pointers!

1. Largest Contentful Paint (LCP) for Core Web Vitals Ratings

By now, you already know what this means, right. So, we would not waste your time with the description again! But then, let’s try to understand how exactly you can have the best LCP scores. Try to make sure that your website loads at the fastest rate possible. You can do this by simply making sure that the pages are not too heavy. This also means that you should take note of the codes that you use and the images and videos that you share on the page. Overall, this has to be mandated that your page loads within 2.5 seconds cause that is all that it takes for a user to leave your website and walk on to another one. So, yeah, 2.5 seconds, light codes, and light content are all you would need in this!

2. First Input Delay(FID) for Core Web Vitals Ratings

When it comes to FID, it’s simple! Your website needs to be really responsive from the word go. Well, you might not have much of an issue if you are on a blog or website page unless your FID is painfully low. However, the real problem begins when you are on a log-in or register page. Make sure that these pages are kept the lightest among all. Do not include anything but just the most important and required stuff, possibly, the placeholders and the button. Yes, keep it that simple! Trust me; you have the blog or the website to put your skills to the test. This is just not the right place!

3. Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS) for Core Web Vitals Ratings

When you get a website or blog ready, the layout must remain constant. This can mainly be because of the dimensionless images, ads, frames without dimensions, and much more. While there are tons of stuff that can be the case, we would suggest that you should keep everything on your page with a proper dimension, even the advertisements, and the other images. This would help you have a higher CLS score.

4. SSL Certificates:

SSL stands for secure sockets layer. This means that Well, this is an absolute necessity that we have for your website. This helps the users have the most secure and safe browsing experience that we can have. SSL these days are cheap, and in some cases, they are even offered for free with your domain or hosting plan. This means that you would have an added advantage for your website without even paying for it. SSL is a need that you should never ignore if you want to be at the helm of your genre.

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5. No intrusive interstitials:

Well, that is something that might make you feel a bit insecure about your knowledge. But trust me, it’s not so, in fact, it is something that you are really very well aware of. This simply means that you do not put useless or unnecessary elements on your website. This would also help you with the LCP and also help you have a fast load time. So, reduce the number of irrelevant elements that you have in your website or blog.

Well, these are five of the things that would help make sure that you stay on top of your search results! But then, are you a bit unsure about any of them? Well, do not worry, it is not the first time I have heard one get a bit dizzy with those requirements. So, the best thing that we can do here is to make sure that you can hire someone who can help you with these!

And the best option that you have is that of an enterprise or an agency. The most hardworking and technically sound agency would help you have a great website that you would be able to showcase right at the top of the search results! If you are looking for one such agency, then definitely iDotcommers can be one of them. They are really skilled at what they do, and I assure you, they are a master!


1. How do I pass the core Web Vitals?

Simple, work hard to keep the FID, CLS, and LCP perfectly straight. If you are not sure if you have a done a good job in any of them, you definitely can check out your rankings on some of the available online tools. You would also get a few recommendations on how exactly you can mend the ways.

2. What are the most important Web Vitals?

The most crucial web vitals are Largest Contentful Paint(LCP), Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS), and First Input Delay(FID). These vitals are almost always referred to it by search engines. These would help you have the proper ranking and thus help you in having better visibility.

In this article, we tried to help you perfectly with everything you would have to keep in mind when looking forward to having your website ranked right on top. We have also listed the essential points, and at the same time, we have tried to answer the most relevant questions that are asked by the audience at large. This helps us provide you the most important pointers that you might be needing.

Please let us know if there is anything that we missed including. Also, please let us know if there is anything else you want to know about them, and we would try to make sure that you have the perfect solution for all your needs.

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