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Importance of Reddit Marketers have unleashed the power of social media for some time now. Every company, big or small, has its social media presence. This also has helped them garner a lot of traffic and, in turn, sales for their companies. However, the trend now seems to change a bit, and not all marketers are taking over. So, instead of the promotions that previously used to be the key point in the sales campaign, it has now changed to word of mouth.

With this changed perception among the audience, the best platforms that would help you have the upper hand would be Quora and Reddit. Both the platforms talk about the user experience and help clear the doubts that one might have about a product. These platforms also give the users a lot to talk about, and the readers have a targeted audience. In this article, let us understand how you can make yourself stand out on Reddit.

What is Reddit

Before you get your hands dirty with the marketing techniques you need in this particular platform, you must know what this platform is all about. So, Reddit promotes itself as the “front page of the internet”. This was mainly because they started with their primary focus on social news. However, off late, you would instead call it a forum. One that is used for almost everything that you can think of. 

There are as many as 1 million communities in Reddit for about 51 million registered users. So, you can well understand that there is almost certainly a community for your product or service. 

Reddit and Marketing

Marketing in Reddit is something that would need discipline. If you are starting with your journey in Reddit as a marketer, we have a few cents that would help you. Check out the following:

1. Choose The Community Wisely. When you choose the community, make sure that you choose one where you can sell your product. Also, make sure that you have the perfect audience to target.

2. Give More Than You Take: When in Reddit, remember that you should give in more to the community than you take out of it. So, in any community, make sure that you give in some relevant information or knowledge 80% of the time and promote yourself not more than 20% of the time. This would help you have a better authenticity level and would be at a state to drive in more visitors.

3. Be Genuine And Engage With Members: So, when you share an experience or a story, try to make sure that you are as much genuine with it as you can. Also, try to engage with the members, try responding to their questions, try to interact.

4. Grow Organically: Marketers are almost always in a hurry. If you too are, then Reddit is not the right place for you. Make sure that you are growing organically. We mean that you are not asking your friends, employees, or colleagues to upvote your answers or create fake accounts for the same. Reddit communities are harsh against this.

So, these would help you have the best time on Reddit. However, also remember that Reddit is a platform in which men dominate. As per the report published by Ignite, the highest number of Reddit users is 35-44, and they are predominantly male. Most users have a bachelor’s degree and have an income range of between $25,000-$50,000 per year.

This information would help you better understand the type of audience you would be dealing with in Reddit.

Get Tons Of Free Reddit Traffic

The only reason why you are on Reddit is to get traffic. Well, we do understand that, but make sure that the communities should not understand that. That is the key to benefit from Reddit. It would be best if you promoted in a way that nobody should understand that you are here for promotions. So here are a few dos and don’ts Reddit that would help you get loads of free traffic to help you convert.

1. Understand the audience. Ensure that you share the correct bit of information in the perfect form to the right audience. Reddit is not any other social media platform. It’s not like you can go about putting in your banners or your story everywhere, every community has its own set of rules, and some might not accept an image or a bulky text in their community.

2. Do Not Just Promote: Remember that you should not just promote and promote as stated above. You should share something meaningful with the community members and then try to engage with them and then make a subtle promotion once in a while.

3. Understand How To Promote: Now, this becomes important. Understand how you can and how you want to promote. Is it that you want to promote out and out? Is it how it’s done in the community? If not, do you want to put in your story stating how it helped you with your problem? Well, you can only decide the same from the community.

4. Learn From The Successful Campaigns: Check out the successful promotions of others in the community. Try to understand what they are doing better than others who are failing to reach the goal. Now, once you understand the key to a successful campaign, get your campaigns in line. Keep learning from others’ mistakes and don’t repeat them with yourself.

Remember these bits of do’s and don’ts. This would help you get the best out of your Reddit campaigns. However, at times the mix becomes very crucial. Almost always, it’s very crucial and critical. So, to help yourself with the same, you might get in touch with a really good digital marketing company. They would help ease your problems when it comes to Reddit. XYZ company is one of the most reputed in town. You can try them out for your needs.

Reddit and Digital Marketing

Well, in this era of Marketing, Reddit plays a significant role. It can further be concluded that Reddit is the 7th most viewed website globally and 6th in the United States. This means that you should not have a digital marketing strategy without Reddit. At the same time, the bounce rate of the website is much low when it considered that it has about 1.7 billion views per month.

This means that you are losing out on 1.7 billion eye-balls unless you are present on the platform. Overall, Reddit is a platform that would help you have a targetted audience base, and that would thus help you have an inflated market base. However, expert help in this particular domain would only make things easier and less time-consuming for you!

So, we hope that we could help you with how exactly Reddit can help you achieve your goals for digital marketing. However, if you still feel that there is something that we did miss out on or if you want to ask anything to us directly, please feel free to connect with us in the comment section. Hope that you have a successful run in Reddit! If not, we at iDotcommers are always ready to make it successful!

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