Most Important Ranking Factors After Google Algorithm Update


Most Important Ranking Factors On average, Google changes its algorithm at least 500-600 times every year. That might be shocking to you. But that is a fact, and that happens to be something that every blog and website owner has to go through. Many of the changes that the company brings along affect websites and their ranking. Yet, there are some of the most essential and fundamental features. 

If you take care of these, you would have the most negligible impact because of the changes in the algorithm. In fact, in some of the cases, you might not have any impact at all. So, in this article, we would try to understand the important key points. You would have to keep these in mind if you want your website to be resistant to any updates. 

Content Is King: 

Remember that no matter what happens, content is always the king for Google. In every update that the company does, if there is one thing that almost always gets more important than the last time, it is the content that you have on your website. It is imperative to have the best content. Make sure that your content is crisp, engaging, and to the point. 

Remember, when it comes to your SEO, the amount of time that the readers spend on every post of your website is something that Google will look into. This means that your website should be enticing to the clients. 

At the same time, your keywords are important, but make sure that you do not stuff them. Let the keywords flow in the content. Ensure that you provide every information related to the keyword you choose. This would further help in your ranking in whatsoever way possible. The third thing that you should keep in mind while writing your content is, make sure that you are as detailed as possible. This would help you portray yourself as the complete guide. One might need you in any particular thing possible. Trust us, this would help us grow in the best way possible! 

Functional Website: 

When you create your website, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind. Google tries to make sure that each user who visits the website has the best experience. Thus, you should make sure that your website is one of those that is exciting and, at the same time, easy to use. 

So, there are a few important things that you would have to keep in mind when you get into this particular phase. So, let us help you with some of them. First, make sure that every functionality you have on your website is working in the best way possible. 

Make sure that the users are getting the expected outcome on every click or action on your website. This would make your website more accessible to the users and a favorite to your search engine. The next one would be to keep your website light. This is of utmost importance. It is seen that the websites that take a lot of time to load lose out on a very large chunk of the visitors that they receive. This means that you would also take a toll on your search engine rankings. 

Thus, make sure that the website is light. You can do the same by using images and videos which are lower in size. The third thing that you should keep in mind is making sure that your website’s different sections or elements do not move during the website’s loading. So, you might have seen that the elements change their places before and after the website is loaded in various websites. This takes a huge toll on the customer experience. 

This happens especially when it is for some websites where you have to log in or click on a specific button as soon as you reach the website. These are some of the essential pointers that you should keep in mind while getting your website ready if you are looking to stay at the top of the business. 

Mobile-Friendly Website: 

In today’s world, more than half the number of searches occurs on mobile devices. This means that mobile devices are growing more popular than traditional desktops or laptops. As a result of the same, the websites and blogs need to be completely mobile friendly. This means that your website must be completely functional on a mobile device and must not be distorted

If you do not take care of this, you would be losing out on a large chunk of the traffic that you could have otherwise looked at. However, that is not all. Google has also started honouring websites with a functional mobile website. This means that if you do not have a mobile-friendly website, it is most probable that you would not do well even on desktop and laptop devices. 

So, making your websites mobile-friendly is of utmost importance. So, if you have a website that is not so, make sure that you get your priorities right. You should get them working on the mobiles at the earliest that you can. This would boost your rankings and thus your revenues by quite a margin. 

Well, these were some of the most fundamental pointers that you should keep in mind. This would help you fight over most of the Google algorithm updates. Your rankings on Google would not be much affected by these. So, let us now try to answer some of the most consistent questions that we do receive on this particular field by most of the readers and try to address them in the most simple way possible. 

When are the algorithm updates released every year? 

Well, there is no definite answer or pattern to this. The release dates can be any, and the updates are always the ones that help improve the customer experience on the website. But then there is no timeline to this. 

How does a mobile-friendly website help in Google search results? 

The answer is pretty simple. Since the larger number of people on the search engine these days are on mobile devices, the number of people visiting your website and spending time on mobile devices is also higher. If these websites are not available on mobile, you will lose a large chunk of the viewers, which would hurt your website ranking. Remember that the number of views and the time spent by each viewer on the website is something that Google takes very seriously into account. 

Does having good content on my website mean that I would not be affected by the algorithm updates? 

Definitely not! Having the best content is not all that Google looks at. Although it should be said that contents play a major role, but it is not the only thing that is important when it comes to Google. There are tons of other things that are taken into consideration, and you would have to make sure that you have all your ends secured. 

We hope that we have answered most of the questions and doubts that you might have had related to some of the essential pointers that you should tick off to make sure that your website is completely ready for the next algorithm update. If you need assistance to make your website ready for the next update, you can take the help of iDotcommers

We hope that you would be able to build a website that is resistant to almost all the updates that we might have in the years to come and would help you have a stable ranking!

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