SEO Optimization The world was almost about to end… but SEO never stopped, and it will never stop from being online. With the world’s biggest turmoil in history, look what all of us turned to when nothing was available and everything shut down as some zombie apocalypse had occurred; it felt like straight out of a movie scene. With the outer world getting destroyed, the internet world was being used x2 times the normal usage.

Many brands and companies were suffering a lot through the pandemic. Who would have thought that the 2008 recession wasn’t the only thing that would create havoc around the entire world? People had a lot of free time now left on their own, so they started watching tv series, shopping for themselves, and stuff like that. But how to stand out from thousands of other such brands or websites that turn on our targeted audience’s page? Well, the answer to that is SEO, and we provide that service to you so that you will always be on top and within your audience’s vicinity (technically). 

Search that enables users to search for documents on the World Wide Web. A search engine aims to extract requested information from the huge database of resources available on the internet. Search engines become an important day-to-day tool for finding the required information without knowing where exactly it is stored.

Types of Search Engines and How Search Engines work and how to do proper seo optimization

1. Crawler Based Search Engines

All crawler-based search engines use a crawler or bot, or spider for crawling and indexing the new content to the search database. There are four basic steps that every crawler-based search engine follows before displaying any sites in the search results.

2. Human Powered Directories

Human-powered directories also referred as open directory system depends on human-based activities for listings. The process of indexing is explained as below:
The site owner submits a short description of the site to the directory and the category it is to be listed. The submitted site is then manually reviewed and added in the appropriate category or rejected for listing. Keywords entered in a search box will be matched with the description of the sites. This means the changes made to the content of web pages are not taken into consideration as it is only the description that matters.

3. Hybrid Search Engines

Hybrid Search Engines use both crawler-based and manual indexing for listings the sites in search results.

Most of the crawler-based search engines like Google uses crawlers as a primary mechanism and manual screening as a secondary mechanism. When a site is being identified for spammy activities, manual review is required before including it again in the search results.

What is Organic SEO Optimization?

It is a natural way of getting a top ranking in SERP (search engine result page) without paying any search engines for the placement. This is a more preferable and trustworthy method of securing a high rank on SERP.
Benefits of Organic Search Engine Optimization:
• Usually, normal users click more on organically optimized sites.
• Results are long-lasting on search engine result pages.
• Organic results are more trustworthy than inorganic results.
• Organic service is cheaper than inorganic services.

The ultimate goal of SEO is to attract higher numbers of quality visitors to the website through organic search.

Let’s break that description down a bit to get a better understanding:

1. Ranking in search results 

When a user enters a search request on Google, they are shown a list of results. The results at the top of the first page attract the most attention, so it is important to get into the top two or three positions for as many relevant searches as possible (keywords).

2. High-quality visitors 

It is sometimes thought that SEO is all about getting as much traffic to a website as possible, but it is important to get good quality traffic. For example, a fashion boutique in Mumbai will benefit from a website visitor looking for a fashion boutique in Delhi.

3. Increased quantity of visitors 

Once the right visitors come to your website, the more, the better.

4. Organic search

A search engine results page is usually made up of both paid-for ads and organic listings, i.e., results that are not paid-for ads. SEO is concerned with organic listings.

What is the importance of search for websites? 

Websites can attract visitors to the website through organic search but can also get visitors from other sources:
• Links from other websites (referral traffic);
• Social media;
• Email marketing;
• Paid ads;
• Offline marketing;
The ideal situation is to attract high-quality visitors to the website in as many different ways as possible, but organic search will almost always be an important source. For many websites, it is the primary source of traffic, while it is a significant source for others. If websites want to attract visitors through organic search or attract more, one needs SEO optimization.

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