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The whole concept of digital marketing consists of mainly 4 aspects namely; Social Media, Search Engine, Website Development, and Content. They can be worked on separately but are tethered to one aspect as a whole. Considering social media madness that is ever-increasing today. Social media is closely related to SEO. They may not be directly proportional but surely have a positive impact on a business’s rankings.

The use of hashtags to get featured on Google search results is an efficient way to get that organic reach. When you search for a hashtag trend on google it displays twitter cards up in the zero spots. This enables hashtags to deliver the best search results to its users.

Your digital marketing campaign focussing on SEO will deliver better results if it is driven by your social media presence.

Here are some handy tips that may help you get more from your social media pages

1. Audit your current social scenario

As yourself some questions as a marketer:

  1. How many conversions are driven by your social media?
  2. Is your social media delivering a reliable ROI?
  3. Which channels are driving you towards the best results?

Measuring your ROI is one of the most important metrics that concern your social media efforts. When you have a clear hold on your ROI you can begin integrating SEO tricks into your social media activities. This will allow you to stretch your budget but also stick to your limits backed by some serious statistics.

2. Push SEO in SMO

Your business profile on social media platforms is more than just a business name or a marketing message. This is the starting point for all your SEO efforts and giving them a strong backing. Your social media profile is your first impression to your audience. It should be enticing for your customers so that they visit your website and make a purchase. When someone searches for your business on google where does your name appear? These points can help you develop your business profile on social media and meet user’s intent.          

3. Optimize social images for SEO

Your profile on a social networking platform is all about images. Nothing speaks better than an image with information and some element that supports that information. Just adding these images will get you those likes and views on a social media platform. But did you know these images on social media can appear on the search by optimising them by adding alt text or filename?

4. Build relationships through engagement

Relationships foster through trust and credibility and your response to your customer’s query can help you build an alliance with them. When the customers sense you have interests in their struggles and pains it becomes easier to engage with them.

Not only by responding to them but asking them relevant questions to your brand will help you get their valuable opinions. Look at what they are posting their content on their pages and what they dislike.

5. Use storytelling in your captions

Whatever your business may be your content plays an important role in marketing. Content is compelling when a storytelling style is incorporated in it. Your captions are like an investment, enticing your customers through captions should be your priority. Add focus keywords and related keywords within the captions this helps the bot to read your content as per the ongoing trend. If there is a title section on your posts include these words in the title section itself.

6. Make sharing easier

Placing proper share buttons and compelling calls to action will share your content all over the platforms. These components on your blog will increase your reach and also help you get more followers. Also ensure that your content is share-worthy making it more appealing, engaging, and more helpful.

7. Collaborate to increase the growth rate

Look for brands with a similar niche that are growing just like your brand and interview them. Talk about their pain points and struggles in this niche and exchange your expertise. This does not mean revealing your trade secrets but this will show your customers how humble you are. It will reflect that competition does not drive you but the opportunity to serve them better is your motivation.

8. Use Influencers for your branding

It’s an era of online branding, marketing and selling as well. Thus, approaching influencers can be beneficial for your online brand. When these influencers share their trust with you and make-believe that your brand is a reliable one. The consumers tend to look up to you for their needs. Building strong relationships with niche-based influencers for a longer time will help you reap the benefits from their followers.

9. Look for do-follow link giveaways

Just like products and services some prominent platforms provide do-follow links. As you post your site links on your social media pages these links are reliable forms of people reaching your site. Leveraging from social media includes posting on sites such as Pinterest, Tumblr, Reddit and quora.

10. Cross-promote your brand

One post can perform differently on various platforms. For example, a video post will do better on Instagram than on LinkedIn and Twitter. Adding a social media sidebar to your posts makes it easier for people to follow you on social media.

Many digital marketing companies choose to guide their clients on social media and SEO separately Our word of advice would be to build a marketing strategy that focuses on both of them.

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