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Boost Video Rankings On YouTube Most popular search engines consist of big names such a Google, Bing, Yahoo, and others. More than 2 billion active users monthly are on one such huge platform – Youtube.

How Boost Video Rankings On YouTube

It is a social media platform which now behaves like a traditional search engine. People’s behaviour on Youtube is similar to something people do on Google. When you read and learn about SEO on search engines to rank your websites you come across all the rules that apply to them. Similar rules are applicable on Youtube search engine. Optimising video content is critical to ranking and attracting the audience. Finding the right keywords to communicate your content and design a good user experience is very important even on Google.

Here are some tools and tips that will come handy when you are trying to grow your Youtube presence.

Topics in trend on Google

A tool that works wonders for researching what the masses are looking for is Google Trends. When you specifically look for Youtube search it gives you the exact trends people are searching on Google. This data is sourced from Google that is a reliable source to be trusted.

Look for Keywords

The right place to look for keywords is the Youtube autocomplete feature. The moment you type in your query it predicts your search and this is what makes it the most effective medium to get relevant keywords.

Another relevant tool in this keyword search is the Google Ads keyword planner. You can enter your seed keywords and get a bunch of related keywords in this application.

The right tags

Using proper tags is the main aspect of boosting your rankings on Youtube. Tags are added by creators to put videos in relevant categories and make it easier for viewers to navigate.

Auditing your channel

Look deeply in your success and failures. It will help you realise what is working for you and what is not. It will also help you audit your future opportunities for boosting your rankings on Youtube. Tubebuddy and Tubics is a similar tool to Youtube Analytics that has the same results that let you manage your page.

Keep your competitors close

Tools like RivalIQ allow you to get a full profile of your competitors Youtube presence. It gives you an overview of their best performing videos according to category and location.

Optimise the comment section

Even though the comments section is not a crucial SEO factor but it indirectly affects your rankings. Comments can make or break your channel they affect your brand very deeply. Youtube has its feature that lets you moderate your comments and create a list of forbidden words.

These tips though less in number will help you navigate through the SEO requirements for your Youtube channel. You should think of Youtube SEO even before you upload a video this makes the task of uploading it more efficient.

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