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The business of market research and producing reliable research report depends totally on the digital world. We can help you develop a website that is a true representation of your skills in the research domain. These website contain heavy data that relies on servers totally and requires high level of expertise.

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Digital marketing for market research companies and related

Market research companies work totally on market information and this information relies on researchers who collect this data and analyse it.PR agencies work as promoters and show this collected data at relevant platforms and give it the visibility it deserves.


All collected data from the market is analysed and studied by market researchers. These are highly skilled and educated people who have a way with information and insights.

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PR Agencies

The main job of promoting research work is conducted by PR agencies and in this modern world this needs to be executed online with profess and accuracy. To get it the right audience.

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Services for Market Research and related parties

  • Branding
  • Launch strategy
  • Social Media
  • Paid Advertisment
  • WhatsApp and SMS
Create lead forms

Website will have forms and action buttons leading to forms in various places to get authentic leads.

Setup Chatbot

Your customer service can chat to clients on the website via a chatbot. Answer queries and close a sale accordingly.

Auto Sitemap Generation

Automatic sitemap generation can be implemented on the website so that on page SEO remains intact and works wonders.

Page Traffic Monitoring

Your website can provide reports on daily traffic on the website and all details via analytics code.

Download Sample PDFs

Sample reports can be downloaded by clients via website and accordingly they can take a decision about buying the original.

Proper Database Structure

Market research websites totally depend on database and this needs experts at work. Our team can help you with this efficiently.

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Core features
Basic Plan
For 1L Report data
  • Website
  • WhatsApp
  • 6 months Maintenance
  • Website development one time charge
Most popular
Standard Plan
For 2L Report Data
  • Website
  • Social Media
  • 6 Months Maintenance
  • Website development one time charge
Huge features
Premium Plan
For 5L+ Report Data
  • Website
  • Social Media
  • 6 Months Maintenance
  • Google Ads
  • Website development one time charge
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Highly skilled team that understands the aspects of market research very well. Happy to have worked with them for our website and for our digital presence.

Yin Aldonza Beijing

Due to there experience in the field it really helped us to develop a digital strategy and gather valuable leads for our business. Thank you for bearing with us in a Start up environment.

George Ruck Business Head

It is difficult to reach your audience in a different country when you are in India without any resources there. But iDotcommers made it easy and targeted the right people at right time.

Hitendra K Regional Head

Simplifying the digital world for market research

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