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A large portion of home buyers these days research online before buying, this makes it inevitable for you to have an online presence. Realty businesses need to make full use of the growing digital audience to engage with next upcoming billion online users.

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Digital Marketing for realty and related services

Real Estate is a huge industry and to carry on all its processes and create a product (i.e property) it requires efforts from multiple ways. Not only big companies need an online presence but these supporting services can make it large too. Use innovative marketing techniques and promotional ideas to get the right audience.


Even electrical, plumbing, masonry contractors can get online too and attract realty giants to get you business. Provide them with work proofs and build trust.

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Manpower Mgt.

A company that manages labour services can also use digital marketing techniques to attract businesses. Speak to our consultants today.

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Sand, cement, and other material vendors can also make huge money by creating an online presence. Start small but aiming big can get you the right visibility.

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Safety Solutions

The safety of residential or commercial housing facility is of utmost importance and you may not be aware of your demand in the market. Get online today and fulfil this emerging demand by attracting businesses.

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Services for Realty and related businesses

  • Branding
  • Launch strategy
  • Social Media
  • Paid Advertisment
  • WhatsApp and SMS
Schedule site visits

Home buyers can schedule their visits to a particular project according to their convenience.

Pay booking token

To finalise their interests in a property a buyer can pay booking token as a reservation towards it.

Book site visits

Clients can make a booking with a sales person to visit the property of their choice to work on interiors etc.

Virtual visits

Website can allow clients to visit the property from the comfort of their homes via virtual visit feature.

Download floor plans

Home buyers can get their own copies of floor plans, forms, layouts or any documents that you may want to offer.

New launch notifications

Potential clients can get WhatsApp notifications about new launch or progress of the projects under construction, etc.

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Core features
Basic Plan
Per website
  • Website
  • WhatsApp
  • 6 months Maintenance
  • Website development one time charge
Most popular
Standard Plan
Per website
  • Website
  • Social Media
  • 6 Months Maintenance
  • Website development one time charge
Huge features
Premium Plan
Per Website
  • Website
  • Social Media
  • 6 Months Maintenance
  • Google Ads
  • Website development one time charge
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Our website needed revamping and our social media reach had become stagnant. iDotcommers helped us revive our digital presence and grow gradually.

Property Guns Channel Partner

Never knew I could conquer so much simply by creating an online presence. The team explained so much and made it so easy to execute. Thank you.


It is important in my business to build trust with customers. My digital presence has made it possible for me to be a reliable source in the realty market. Good Luck Team!

Rita Kalra Broker

Simplifying the digital world for real estate

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