What Is SEO And How It Has Changed Over The Years


What Is SEO

SEO is a buzzword that anyone having a website must have come across at some point in life or the other. The important thing is understanding what is SEO and how exactly you can gain from it. So, this article would make sure that you have ideally no doubt about SEO whatsoever and help you with some of the changes that it has gone through in the past. So, let us get started.

To start with, SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. This can well be regarded as the process by which the website owners and the bloggers try to stay at the top of their game by being visible to the most significant number of people possible. And when we say the most significant number of people, it simply means the best ranking! So, there are a few essential pointers like the content, the keywords, and a few others that one would have to keep in mind to be at the top of their SEO game.

Well, we can discuss at length and breadth the needs to master your SEO scores. However, here, we would try to discuss how the SEO techniques have changed over the years, and right now, what are some of those things that you might need to keep in mind. So, let us now check the timeline of this particular technique and how it has evolved.

1. Understanding “Good Content”: 

Over the years, Google has understood what exactly is good content and has tweaked what is called “Good content” almost a decade back. What was considered by Google as good content was the one better in quantity. However, the quality of the content beats the quantity. Thus, the length of the content is not what matters the most.

2. No More Link Buddies: 

Almost a decade back, most bloggers and other website owners would get along and start posting the other person’s link on their website. This means that the genre or the topic of the websites were not important. Just imagine someone sharing the best pet breakfast idea links on a pregnancy website! Completely irrelevant, right? In its initial days, Google did not understand that, and they kept promoting the links. However, these days Google pretty much understands what played on with them and sometimes banning the websites.

3. Mobile Priority: 

Ten years back, how many people do you remember carrying a mobile? Well, now how many mobiles do you possess? Some of my friends have even more than one device. This simply shows the amount of dependency that people have on mobile phones. This has also led to a different style of SEO, and that is mobile SEO.
People have now started realizing that mobile searches are much more in number than website searches. Also, the websites and content, along with the pictures and all, are made keeping the mobile users in mind. Thus, this is a huge shift from the initial computer users to the recent year’s mobile users.
Make sure that you have a lighter website that is easy to load. This would also help in the web core vitals and thus help you in the rankings.

4. Keywords: 

Rather than understanding the meaning, the initial days of the SEO were to understand the use of the keyword term, the exact fit. This means that the results shown to the users were many times irrelevant. However, Google changed this with one of the most popular updates. 

Now, you would have to make sure that the keyword is fairly used and used correctly. Thus, make sure that you do not stuff your website with keywords. Make sure that you use keywords only when you need to, and also do not overdo them. Try and understand that they are essential and appreciated but not out of proportion.

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5. Faster and better updates: 

Well, this is something that has not exactly changed SEO but has changed how we see it. Over the years, it seems that SEO techniques have started changing faster. So, to make sure that you stay at the top of your business, you need to make sure that you keep an eye on everything you need to have. Also, the changing SEO techniques every day helps make sure that people make an honest effort to put in well-researched articles. This completely omits just stuffing in on a format that works. The only thing that works in SEO is good content and excellent research!

6. Google Web Vitals:

When you talk about the ranking of a particular website, there is precisely no way that you can do away with the web vitals. These are the parameters that help make sure that your website is ranked higher than others. The three parameters considered as the web vitals are loading time, interactivity and visual page stability. 

These indicators mainly deal with your website presence and also helps you gauge how good your website performs. These matrices are on the harder side to master, and thus, almost always, people prefer getting in touch with professionals to get this sorted. Thus, if you are not sure about what exactly you want to do with your website or handle it yourself for the Google Web Vitals, our advice would be to hire an expert.

iDotcommers is one of the forerunners when it comes to experience. They have seen many of the changes stated above, and they have adapted themselves perfectly well to deliver the best to their clients. Thus, if you need someone who would always assist you, iDotcommers is the best option for you. 

Why are core web vitals essential for SEO?

Well, the core web vitals helps the pages to be way more responsive. As a result of the same, the audience’s attention and presence in any website increase manifolds. It is seen that more than half the number of visitors in any particular website is lost if the core web vitals are not upto the mark.

These were some of the most popular SEO changes that have happened over the last ten years. However, there are so many more that have changed SEO forever, but they are omitted here. We hope that you can now understand that keeping up with SEO is not an easy task as it is almost constantly changing itself. 

I hope that I have been able to help you with the basic knowledge of SEO and how it has changed. Understanding the origin of the technique and how the technique has walked on all these years would help you understand how much we have walked as a civilization. You would also get a better understanding of all the needs that you might have.

So, if this article would help you with something new, please feel free to write to us. Also, do let us know if there is something that you would want us to include in the article. Also, if you feel that there are some significant updates that we have missed in the article, then please feel free to let us know about them too!

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