10 Tips to improve your page quality for SEO


page quality for SEO

Endless time spent on the website and its technical aspects to get it ranked on Google. To attract crawlers to get your page indexed as an SEO person you look at all aspects of optimizing it. Even though you are careful your bounce rate is still the same moreover increasing and people are just not able to stay on your page. If you can resonate with these problems then this post might just be the ultimate solution for you.

We will discuss how your page could use some extra love and what can be done to make them high-quality pages.

You may already have taken a class about SEO and its technical aspects or you may have just started learning about it. The thought of mastering the art of SEO is dreadful but it is not impossible.

To realise the importance of SEO it is first crucial to look at your website’s optimisation. Search engine optimisation may seem like a mix of keywords put correctly but the SERPs look at the whole picture nowadays.

On the Yoast SEO blog they have coined a great term called the ‘Holistic SEO’ that talks about all important aspects to get your website the dream ranking. It is a good read.

Let’s talk about the quality of your page and how to determine it.

Getting started blindly on the first page and optimising it for no reason does not make sense. It is better to take a look at the website as a whole first and determine which pages need improvement.

Use Google Analytics

With the use of this tool called Google Analytics, one can specifically point out which page is not performing up to the mark. It lets you monitor how your customers search you online and navigate throughout their page. Most importantly it lets you know how many people visited, stayed, and exited the website. If they did exit, which page they leave the website from.

Google Panda is not cute but strict

When a company owns a website that has a large amount of information to share. They are tempted to regulate the same content on different websites. Do not let this temptation overpower your SEO goals. When the same content is found on different pages it is a case of duplicate content. With the introduction of Google Panda update, Google is now capable of penalizing your website if it finds duplicate content. This will hamper your rankings drastically.

Catch the low-quality pages

Low-quality pages occur in groups and not as a single page. Old .HTML pages ending with a trailing slash or any attachment pages with too many numbers. These links need to be found and removed from Google. This will shed more light towards the important pages which need attention on priority. One tool that comes in handy for these checks is the screaming frog. Once a website link is entered it will perform an audit on all your pages and with each URL you can locate these low-quality pages.

How to improve site performance?

Need for speed

Google is working on its new ranking factor page experience that will roll out in May 2021. This page factor will prioritize fast loading websites with great user experience over websites that take more load time and are not engaging. Speed of your website is a crucial determiner for its ranking in the SERPs

UX is the new King

Your SEO strategy should focus on user experience because search engines are working hard on providing its customers exactly what they want in their query. The best result of a search does not mean the best answer but the best experience. Even if your website is slow but has a better answer to a query, Google will consider that and post your answer over others. Define your website goal clearly, what do you want your visitors to do? Read your blogs, buy your stuff, then your website design should define this goal.

Accessible to all, on all mediums

Your website should be perfectly compatible with all browsers and all devices either a computer or a mobile. It should just be so versatile that the best experience is provided each time a visitor comes to your website. Those times are gone when it was okay to just have a computer compatible website and get conversions. Now mobile is no more a luxury and these changes need to be made to your online presence as well.

Tips that directly improve page quality

Understand the user’s intent

As we all are aware of Google’s effort to predict what we have searched for before we even finish typing. It took many years for it to reach there and now every website needs to focus on doing the same. Appear in Google’s suggestions to a user’s query. Matching your content to someone’s search intent is a very important step. If someone is looking for information you don’t want to send them to your products page but give them the right information. Getting this right will help in improving your page’s quality score.

CONTENT – Read Twice

A significant factor in enhancing your page quality is content. The content should be based on the right keyphrases by conducting keyword research. Thin content and duplicate content have no value for search engines and this just degrades your page quality. Try to become the source of information rather a referral to a competitor or a leader in your niche. This does not rule out keeping an eye on your competitors that always helps.

Build trust and goodwill

The transition of businesses to online stores and websites has increased the scope for all businesses but has also added a suspicion in the user’s mind. Users are now puzzled about where to put their trust in and go for the purchase or any transaction for that matter. This is a major reason a business needs to show that it can be trusted and that you are an authority in your niche. Using testimonials is one such tab that builds trust and reliability on your brand. This also helps to improve your page quality directly.

Linking matters

All the pages on your website hold different content of value but guiding the crawler from one page to another is very important. Your links should appear in all pages of your website relevant to other pages on your website. Internal linking does matter when it comes to page quality and working on this will make a huge difference. But make sure to not go overboard with this internal linking this will not only piss off the customer but also the crawler may take this up as an unethical use of internal linking.

A digital marketing company takes up the best ways to get your brand the identity and limelight it requires in its niche. Finding the right people with the correct values is not difficult but challenging.

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