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Increase Your Google Search Ranking. When you have a website, the sole thing that you would be worried about is getting the website ranking. Among the millions of websites that we have online, it is essential to make your way on the first page. This would help you to have the highest views. So, there are a few crucial points that you should keep in mind to make sure that the website ranks well.

This article will try to understand the checkboxes you would need to tick to get your website ranked higher than all your competitors in your niche. So, let us check the pointers.

Content Tips For Google Search Ranking : 

Well, content is king. Remember, at the end of the day, the only reason someone is on your website is to get some relevant information about something related to your genre. If your website can well serve the cause for your viewers, then you would be able to win over a loyal subscriber. So, remember that your content matters the most.

Apart from your viewers, the search engines also take note of each word published on your website. A well-researched, SEO optimized content is something that the search engine would love showcasing to the viewers.

Thus, the first thing you need to keep an eye on to improve your rankings is the content you publish on your website.

Google Core Web Vitals: 

Now, your vitals play a major role in deciding the Google Search rankings of your website. Keep a very close eye on your web vitals. Most of the web vitals are related to the website loading speed and the functionality of the website.

All these help improve the user experience for the viewers, and also, Google keeps a real sharp eye on the metrics. Various tools can help you understand your vital scores. You can also keep a few pointers in mind that would help you understand the metrics better. These together would let you make the websites as per the requirements.


Google uses an algorithm to check the amount of trust that people have in your website. So, when it comes to this metric, your backlinks play a real important role. The pages that have the largest number of backlinks are the ones that feature at the top of the search results. 

The simple reason behind this is that when Google algorithm crawls across the world wide web, it checks every website and whenever there is one that backlinks your website, your website’s reputation goes up. Over a longer period, the website with the best reputation features at the top of the search results.

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No Broken Links:

If you put in any link on your website or put up the broken links on your website in the past. Make sure that you keep getting back to them and check them if they are still active. Time and again, the website owners generally tend to forget to keep an eye on the backlinks. 

This costs them heavily in the longer run. The broken links on your website are a complete no-no for your website ranking. Apart from Google, which takes note of the broken link, the user experience takes a hit when you have broken links on your page. Thus, keep a close eye on your links and update them as and when necessary.

Optimize For Voice Search:

The new big thing that the blogging industry is about to go through is the voice search feature. The searches in recent years are shifting to voice searches. This means that you would get your searches by vocal inputs.

This is necessary to understand here that voice search optimization is unique. Here you would have to understand that the way we search something over voice is not the same as how we searched it over text. That is exactly what makes all the difference.

Use Headings and Alt tags: 

The SEO techniques you would have to go forward with for your website would largely depend on the alt tags and the headings you would use. The H2 and H3 tags that you have plays a real important role in your Google Search ranking.

So, make sure that you include your keywords in the headings. The alt tags, on the other hand, would come from the images. They provide you with the perfect way to help you promote and use your keyword. Thus, make sure that your alt tags for the images are always taken care of.

These are just some of the ways you can have a website with the best rankings. Yet, it must be understood here that SEO is a long-time game. At times, the websites with perfectly everything that one would need for a good SEO score would take months to rank.

So, if you are not sure about the SEO skills and the others that would help you have the website featured in the best place possible, you would have to get in touch with some of the experienced individuals in the industry. One of the relevant and dependable names in this particular sector is iDotcommers. If you want to get in touch with them, they will take care of your needs. Well, you might have to spend a little, but the time and effort that you would save yourself from would make this the perfect decision!

With that, we would like to conclude this article. We hope that now you have a fundamental idea about how exactly you can have your website perform at its best. If you still have any questions that you think would help you in your conquest, then you can write to us. Also, do let us know if there is anything that you would want us to add in the article. We hope that you would have got something out of this, and it would help you have a better website with a better ranking for yourself.

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