Digital Marketing Trends 2021 | Trends to Watch in 2021


Digital Marketing Trends 2021 The year 2020 being a downfall for all businesses and professionals was something that was not expected. For community-minded people such as marketers, we need to collaborate across multiple departments. As we keep a track of our competitors in the market we are deeply entwined to the goals of our customers.

It is better to look at the ongoing and upcoming insights for the upcoming year and be prepared for a drastic change in the marketing industry. There is a diverse circle of ideas but one common goal to these ideas is the thought of a better future. Marketing in 2021 is going to be more empathetic as ever and evolve with the power of positivity.

The power of a marketer can be used for both good and evil, to err is to human. After all marketers are humans serving humans. We need to work toward making brands more trustworthy. Building a relationship of love and kindness with brands and generate a loyal customer.

Let’s look at what 2021 has in store based on fabulous predictions by marketing experts.

The Virtual Shift

Live events have proven to be miraculous for brands suffering the wrath of Covid. Your prospects will be driven towards these kinds of events and engage with you through them. Newest was when Netflix met Slack and there was on-demand live streaming of videos playing on-site. Not only can you connect with your prospects but such platforms allow them to interact with each other and relate to the problems in their lives.

Building a community

We have all attended out annual general meetings or a grand annual event virtually this year. As these shifts make people comfortable around them it also allows them to bond with its attendees. Singular events with fewer people focussing on one thing at a time are a no-go now. Reliable and verified sources sharing valuable information are valued as community leaders and can create a greater impact. People are now looking for value addition and a company should look forward to adding practical values to conversations.

New ways of online interaction

Many brands did take the virtual shift and move their events online but many failed miserably. Their failure was the fault of replicating the live event experience on an outdated model of software. Everyone is on Zoom and now creating something called ‘zoom fatigue’. Companies are now wondering how to target this crowd online and engage before and after an event online. The demand for engagement is premier this year and organisations should focus on building meaningful as well as long-lasting connections with their audiences.

Inclusivity is a necessity

Virtual events that try to mimic in-person events caused a huge spike in registrations and attendance at the beginning of the pandemic. But this flow of numbers lasted only for one or two months. People are now looking for human interactions, rather than a sit-in conference. Webinars are just no acceptable nowadays. The audience wants discussions in panels in which they can ask questions so that they can get their action on what is happening in the meeting. First, we only promised that it will be an interactive session but today as we are in 2021 it is a necessity.

Customer King pushes Brands Ahead

Alignment of the sales marketing and customer service team leads to optimum customer satisfaction. Many challenges of the revenue teams have resolved when they have applied a customer-centric approach. Due to the pandemic norms, we cannot rely on traditional methods of meeting people in-person. But we can work towards bringing our customers close and attending to their pain points to build a winning relationship.

Brand Navigation

The movement of a brand through thick political influences becomes difficult. A worldwide pandemic at hand is pushing marketers to make tough decisions about the alignment of their customers with marketing goals. Your potential customers will invest their money in you only after they figure what your take is on the current ongoing scenario in the country. Be it the political fiasco or how you are handling the pandemic.  

A/B Testing is out

With the indulgence of AI into marketing, we cannot predict trends before they even take place. Spending on A/B testing is wasteful and going obsolete. It is nowhere encouraged by marketers all over the world. For testing the performance of a particular format one can still rely on these techniques but using them for paid ads has no meaning anymore.

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