Negative Impact On Any Website Due To Google Algorithm Update

Google Algorithm Update In this article, we would try to understand some practices that almost always get penalized by Google in every update. This would mean that you would understand all the things that you should keep yourself away from if you want to make sure that your website is at the top of the list. So, let us get started and try to be as detailed as we possibly can.

1. Keyword stuffed content: 

Keywords are essential; they help the search engine find you out. However, it doesn’t mean that you would stuff your articles with keywords. All that you would need to do here is to make sure that the content is informative enough. If you have a website that is at the top of the search results only due to keyword stuffing, then it is high time that you get them corrected and make it informative. 

Keyword stuffing can only get you to the top momentarily, but it is only about time that you would again lose your spot. So, it would be much better to take the more hard-earned way to provide the most relevant information on your portal, which would help you have a concrete base to build on.

2. Breaking the Code: 

Many times, some bloggers and website owners crack the Google algorithm. That is something appreciable. But then, if you have understood the algorithm, try to build on a website that would sustain the algorithm by taking on the pointers in the most positive way possible. 

If you go on to challenge the algorithm and tweak it in such a way that you reach the top using black hat techniques, then rest assured that in the very next algorithm, you would lose the spot that you are in right now. So, make sure that you do not challenge Google, it is not easy to win, and more often than not, you would end up on the losing side, and you would lose a lot.

3. Random Backlinks: 

Backlinks are vital. These help you grow your business and help you have a better ranking on Google. However, this does not mean that you would go on to backlink yourself anywhere and everywhere that you can. Make sure that the backlinks come from the most reasonable and trustworthy sites. Also, they should be worth it. 

By that we mean, that the backlinks should not be random. Make sure that you are not promoting women’s apparel in a men’s grooming portal. This would only ruin your chances to ever reach the top. It is most likely that you would end up being at one of the worst rankings possible. If you are doing great practicing this method, wait for Google to update its algorithm, and your website would take a hit on the ranking font.

4. Do Not Duplicate: 

This DND is important to remember for the website and blog owners. Make sure that you do not duplicate. What exactly do we mean by that? Well, simple, do not write the same thing again and again. This can be in the same post or over several posts. 

This is simply one of those that you should keep in mind. The duplicate posts are a big turn-off for the viewers. There is just no way that Google would support something that the viewers don’t like. So, you should make sure that any content on your website is not duplicated.

5. Ill-Functional Website: 

If a website or part of the website is not functional, there is just no way that you can top the charts. Even if you do, it is most probable that your competitors with the most effective websites are doing that with half the effort. Make sure that there are no broken links on your website. Ensure that each and every functionality on the website is perfectly well maintained and is working as per the expectation. Ill-functional websites are a big no-no for search engines.

Now that you are aware of some of the reasons that can substantially negatively impact the ranking, you should also understand that an algorithm update is not the only way to get your website removed from the rankings. Google is one of those search engines which inflicts manual penalty. 

This means that if any of the search algorithms in Google trigger a red flag, it is most probable that a real person would then be assigned to check if your website had something that needs to take any action against. There are 6 stated pointers under which Google can penalize you. We would talk about each one of them in details in some other article. 

For now, you need to understand that just in case if you fall in any of these six pointers that Google has listed, your website would then be penalized. These penalties last for a few weeks, and you are expected to amend your mistakes, after which Google would again check on your website. You might just lose your ranking even for the articles that were perfect. So, make sure that you stay away from any of these practices.

So, these are some of the most important things that you should stay away from while working on your website. Let us now help clear some of the doubts that most frequently come through to us and try to answer them.

1. Why does Google update their search algorithm? 

Google upgrades their search algorithm to make sure that nobody takes undue advantage of the search engine. This means that having one algorithm would also mean that many of the users would better understand some and then many would exploit. However, having a constant metamorphosis would not let one settle. That would also mean that they would always be on their toes to provide the best content every time.

2. What are the best ways to understand that your website has been penalized? 

The easiest way to understand if you have been penalized is to check the number of organic views your website has. If you see that there is a sudden drop after a particular day on the chart, then it is most probable that your website was penalized on that particular day. That is just what has led to the decrease in the number of searches. Also, if you are aware of the keywords for which your websites appear in the search results, check on them. If they have lost their position by quite a margin, then it is most probable that your website is penalized.

So, with that, we do hope that you have a clear understanding of Google Algorithm Update all that you should never indulge in to make sure that you keep growing year on year and you never get a penalty from Google. In case you have anything else that you want us to help you with, please let us know in the comment section. We would try to answer as many questions as we can! Do let us know if this article helped! 

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