How To Stay At Top In SERP | How Google Algorithm Affects Revenue


Stay At Top In SERP The world is shifting to the online mode and there is, most probably, no business left that has not yet marked its online presence. The internet is getting cheaper by the day and finding an online audience has become a much easier thing. The biggest and most significant role played in all of it is of a search engine. Google is used by everyone and the algorithms that are used by it are highly complex. 

These algorithms must thoroughly be understood by the businesses so that they can keep their websites in good ranking. It is impossible for you to believe that you can save yourself from these algorithms and ranking scores. To get started, these algorithms will also have the potential of affecting your revenues and that is what we are going to discuss here. These updates are not a new thing in any way for the people who are working in the SEO domain and are aware of the process and mindset of Google behind these updates. 

The professionals are always ready to tackle such updates and if someone has hired a firm for their SEO needs and requirements, they will never get to know a thing about how these algorithms work. The guidelines that are issued with these algorithm updates must be met by the websites, if not; the ranking will go down instantly. It could only be understood by an SEO professional how hard it can get to fetch the website on the first page of the search result.

Now, that too is the case with ever-changing algorithms. Its continuous work and you will not get to keep the first spot forever. To stay at the first page with good rankings, you will have to keep continuously working towards it. It’s necessary for you to stay updated on these updates and in case you are not paying attention to it, your business will suffer. 

How does it affect my business/website?

Having your website on the search engine’s first page is stuff you can boast about. There are various factors that will play their respective roles in the website ranking and you must also know that all the algorithm updates released by Google will not necessarily affect your website. However, you must not leave it up to that and not work towards it. The update might be the one that will affect certain criteria that you might have already fulfilled. 

The content that you have posted should be regularly updated and the quality must not deteriorate. As it’s all based on how the algorithm understands it, it would be quite difficult for you to get back to a better ranking. 

If you are worried about not being able to find the correct vitals of your website, we would recommend going for the Page Speed Insights. It’s a completely free service that you can use to know the ranking score of your desktop and mobile versions of the website. 

It will also provide you a detailed guide on the tips that you can implement to make your website better for your audience. The tool will provide three categories, red, yellow, and green. The areas that are completely ok and match the requirements will be marked under green, yellow will include the areas/elements that need to be worked upon, and lastly, red will represent the aspects you need to fix immediately to improve the rankings. 

As we discussed that not all the updates will affect your website the same way, it can be said that a few might also impact in a positive or a negative way. 

You might see a sudden spike or a downfall in the revenues, it might be due to some low-key update that you have missed. There are certain techniques that will help you in calculating the changes and we would also recommend monitoring your revenues so that you can make a correct judgment about the revenue after a particular update. 

The pages that are in Google’s better ranking and are on the first SERP, will definitely fetch heavy clicks and you might also see enhancement engagement and time spent by a visitor on your page. All the factors that you have taken care of will show you good results once you have the desired traffic on your website. 

No doubt, Google algorithms are quite complex, but there is also no denying the fact that these are intended to provide more revenue to your business and an overall better experience to your targeted audience. 

3 Tips to Remain in the Good books of Google SERPs

Once you have gained a good ranking and your hard work has finally paid off, now you need to stay at the top. In order to effectively do that, you will need to follow a few tips and make sure you are making yourself well-versed with the updates released by Google in its search engine algorithm. 

To get better results, you can also hire an SEO firm like ReachLocal for the best professional help. A marketing company will provide you with the best practices that are suitable for your business and are in sync with the latest algorithm updates.

1. Add Voice Search

Having the option of voice search is one of the best things you can ask for while surfing through the internet. It is an element that is recently added by Google into its algorithm as a step taken towards making the user experience better. If your page hasn’t been optimized for voice, it will not show in the results.

2. Rich Content

The content that you are posting on the website should be accurate and grammatically correct. It should and must not be copied from any other source. If the algorithm finds the content to be a copied one, it will deduct multiple points from your website ranking score. 

3. Add Snippets

The latest Google algorithm update offers a much higher ranking to the websites that are using snippets to provide precise information to visitors. The search engine might also include your snippet as the instant answer to a user’s query. 


What’s the most common factor in the low ranking?

If the website is taking a long time to load, it will definitely be the reason behind the low ranking. You must upgrade the servers to find a better speed.

Are backlinks helpful?

It is an SEO technique that is highly used by professionals. Creating backlinks will enhance the ranking significantly.

Will it help to rank better if a voice search is added?

Yes, the voice search feature is taken highly by the latest Google algorithms. If your web page has a voice search, it will come up in the SERP. 


Google is continuously working towards making these algorithms a better functioning tool. The user experience is everything for a search engine and it’s crucial for a website or a business to be head-to-head with it and keep tweaking the changes that the update requires. For more updates, and to keep your website updated with all the Google Algorithm updates, you can refer to iDotcommers.

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