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before talking about IGTV Videos lets explore the role of videos, Videos are something that is taking over the written content. Vlogs are the new-age blogs. Then be it the how-to guides or fat-loss tutorials or the technical nuances. Videos are taking over the written industry like a storm. With this storm around, the entire marketing focus is now changing. The major shift is from the written content to the video vlogs.

Among the many social media platforms that have lost almost their identity amid this change, a few have tried hard to adapt to it. One such platform is Instagram. The new IGTV network allows users to upload their videos and doesn’t have any time limit to upload and showcase.

Use IGTV For Marketing

IGTV is one of those tools that you should use for marketing. The basic reason behind this is that with this particular tool, you get a chance to showcase your video in multiple places on Instagram. Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms. Also, it might well be regarded as one of the most user-friendly platforms.

All you would need to do in IGTV is find out the niche market that you fit in perfectly. Once you have that, you should now understand how you should start with your marketing campaign.
You would also need to understand what works best for your audience and make them watch your video among the multiple options they would have in the network.

So, for IGTV marketing, you should get in touch with the best influencers of your niche. This would help you smoothen the process and reduce the efforts manifolds. An influencer is one who the people on IGTV or Instagram widely follow. This would mean that they resonate a chord with people who are your target audience.

IGTV Marketing Strategy

When you talk about the marketing strategy of IGTV Video, it is rather straightforward, as long as you are not expecting immediate results. However, if you are in a hurry, then there are a few tricks that you would have to look up at while publishing your videos.

To start with, you should make sure that the videos are not too lengthy. This is of utmost importance. People generally tend to avoid very long videos for channels that they do not connect to. At the same time, it becomes challenging to capture your audience’s attention for a longer time.

Make sure that you are not always promoting. This is important. Make sure that you are not just promoting. So, what is the best way that you can go about it? You can start up with the problem that your product or service solves and then provide a real solution to it and finally promote your product or service. So, have a very subtle approach.

Analyze and understand. This is again something that you would need to take note of. After you are done with promoting one particular campaign, try to understand and analyze your mistakes. Check if and how you can correct them, and then go on once again. So, the analysis part is a constant.
Try to be as interactive as you can. You can have an AMA session where you can go on to answer questions that you might have from the possible leads. You might also go for a simple Q&A.

Post Customer stories at regular intervals. This would help develop trust for yourself on the platform. So, your customers would have a proper understanding of the type of service or products you offer.

IGTV Marketing In A Nutshell

You know what and how IGTV video can help you in your marketing, and you do also understand why you should not miss out on IGTV. I have tried to give you the basic info about perfectly everything related to IGTV. You should make the call on your efforts and resource allocation to IGTV specifically, but make sure that you do not do away with the platform.

I could answer almost every doubt that you had about IGTV video. If you have any more doubts that you want us to clear for you, please feel free to please let us know!

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